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life reel - reel of life
Throughout my works I have ended up working with people of all ages and walks of life. The subject matter of things I have worked on has been very varied and vast, ranging from birth to death, from cooking to glass-blowing, from church to strip clubs. As different as each of these thing might be at the end it is all descriptive and joined by one word: Life.
I have edited my showreel as it depicts the journey that we call life, through birth, pain, joy, happiness, suffering, creativity  and everything in between, from a young age to the very end: the thing we call death.

I started my journey in the Baltic Film and Media School which I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Crossmedia Production. 
Besides studying I quickly started to be actively involved in creating and working with different types of media environments ranging from, TV, film, online channels, facets of social media and even printed media.
During five years of experience in a media agency and working as a freelance video artist I have directed, written and edited multiple short films, promotional and commercial videos, documentaries and transmedia projects, flourishing relevant skills in film and media productions both in production as well as post production, editing material that I have directed as well as supplied raw material for short deadline corporate customers. 


Yours faithfully

Līva Vilnīte

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